What do I need to do?

Freejam always work hard to fix bugs. If you discover a bug and you would like to report it, there are ways in which you can help us fix them more quickly by providing the following information.

*Robocraft Infinity - Please refer to it's designated help article for additional information.

  • System Specifications
  • How can we reproduce the bug?

Please describe the bug in as much detail as you can including:-

- The steps leading up to the bug happening,

- The actual result the bug causes that should not happen,

- How the bug affects the game?

- How many times this bug has occurred?


We will also need evidence to help replicate the issue internally for our developers to fix it.

  • screenshots
  • video
  • output log


What is an output log file?

The text files gets written for all sorts of errors. Did you know your game doesn’t need to crash to give us an error log?

When an error occurs in the game it writes a text file to your hard drive with information inside it to tell us what went wrong.

We need you to find and send us this file so that we can analyse it to determine what happened when you had your problem.


How do I find my output log file?

IMPORTANT: The output_log.txt file is reset every time the game runs, so we need the output_log.txt of the session where the bug/crash happened. The game must be totally closed before sending the file.

Locate the game folder on your device. For most users this can be found in C:\Games\. For the Steam version you can find the output logs for Windows, MAC and Linux in \Steam\steamapps\common\

The files will be numbered 0-10. Sort them by date and time to find and send us the output_log.txt at the time the issue happened.

If you are not sure, please replicate this error and then close the game and repeat the steps.