Do you own CardLife + Robocraft on Steam?

You will get super-exclusive cardboard cosmetics!!!

For Robocrafters you must:-

  • Transfer your CardLife ownership to Steam (applies to Founders only) or,
  • Purchase CardLife: Vanguard edition on Steam.

Once you have done this, please follow these steps:-

  • Launch Robocraft from the same Steam account your CardLife account is on,
  • Press ‘Sign in with Steam’ button.

After you have logged in successfully, it will allow the CardLife cardboard cosmetics to be added to your Robocraft account.

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple Robocraft accounts, please ensure that you login to your main Robocraft account via Steam. This is because the cardboard cosmetics will be added to the Robocraft account linked to the Steam account. The cardboard cosmetics are non-transferable between Robocraft accounts.

This is a one time transaction. Decide carefully and check to make sure it is going to be added to the correct Robocraft account before you contact our support team.