Robocraft Infinity (Xbox)

Do you have any ideas to improve the game-play? What you would like to see in RC Infinity? A new weapon perhaps?...then head over to our forum and add them here!
It is monitored by our devs regularly and other members of the community can provide their input too!

Having a disconnection issue?

We would really appreciate your help with our investigation to diagnose players losing connections and/or maintaining an internet connection to our game servers. 
We thank you in advance and appreciate your time and your effort to report this issue. With your help it will also improve the gaming experience for other players in the community that experience this issue.
Please can you provide the following information.
Location Playing From: 
Router Model:
Internet Service Provider:
Wired or Wireless Internet Connection:
Connection Speed:
Connection Type: (CABLE, ADSL ETC.)
Also please share the results of a Detailed Network Statistics test, which is possible to run from the Xbox One settings menu. 

Instructions on how to do this are below:
1. Boot Up Your Xbox One
2. Press the Home Button and navigate to System, then settings and press 'A'.
3. Once in Network, select 'Network settings' 
4. One here, click 'Detailed Network Statistics and wait a few seconds.
5. You will have a report like below, please tell us the data given
Once you have collated all this data, please click 'CONTACT US' at the top of this page and send us your information.

Login Issues

You will not be able to log-in without an internet connection. Otherwise please contact Xbox/Microsoft.


Reporting a Bug

All bug reports need to be sent with an ID otherwise we will ask you to send this before we can progress the matter further.

The ID can only be accessed once you are logged in.

  1. Press START to open the menu,
  2. Open SETTINGS,
  3. Navigate to PREFERENCES

The ID will show in the top row in the General Settings menu (see screenshot below).



Payment Issues

If you have purchased premium or crates within a completed and successful transaction, and it has not been added to your account, please send us a copy of the purchase receipt.

For all other payment issues you will need to contact Xbox/Microsoft.