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Tech Tree

Do you have questions about the Tech Tree? Head here to our Tech Tree FAQ


Account Management

Can I change my Robocraft username?

Yes, we can on existing accounts now without having to clone them. Since we have added the new Robocraft log-in system we can only change the Robocraft Display Name which is shown to other players e.g. on their friend/clan list, any friend/clan/party invites, in chat and in battle, but not the username you use to sign-in to your Robocraft game account. 

For example, if your username is "MrFreeJam" to log-in to your account, your Robocraft Display Name is "MrFreeJam". If you request to change your Robocraft Display Name to "SirFreeJam", in the future you will still need to log-in to your account with the username "MrFreeJam". You will be seen to others in the game as "SirFreeJam".


Can anyone be allowed to change their Robocraft Display Name if they request one?

No, each request will always be handled on a case-by-case basis but generally a Robocraft Display Name change will only be allowed under the following conditions:-

  • Your account has been suspended for an inappropriate Robocraft Display Name only (subject to further consideration based on how offensive it is).
  • You do not have other permanent sanctions on the account i.e. warnings and suspensions or permanent chat silence as a result from other account/game-related breaches of our fair play expectations or terms of service.
  • If you have frequent chat silences documented on your account.


I can't reset my password! Email address not found/Email address already in use.

If you have never logged into Robocraft before you wont be able to reset your password.

You'll need to use the "Submit a Request" button at the top of the page to contact us. We'll then generate a password that you'll use to log into the website.

Once done you'll be able to reset your password.


Steam Linking

Linking your Steam account to your Robocraft account is not a way to combine accounts together. It means you change the way you access your account.

If you link your Robocraft account to Steam this means you no longer need to enter a username and password (Hooray!). You can press "Sign in with Steam ID" as long as you have Steam open.

However, if you have another account that was only accessible via Steam, you'll no longer be able access it because you have changed the link. This can lead to some players believing that their game data has been wiped, this is not the case.

If you have done this and you would like to restore access to your old account via Steam please provide us the:-

  • username of the Robocraft account you have linked to and,
  • username of the Robocraft account you have removed the link from.


Login/Launcher Issues

The "Sign in with Steam ID" button is missing

The "Sign in with Steam ID" button only appears when Robocraft is launched from the Steam library directly.

  • Steam must be open.
  • Do not use a desktop icon or launch from the task bar.

*You can not use the Robocraft Launcher if you have signed up with Steam.

If you use Steam, please restart it as sometimes Steam can lose connection to Robocraft.


I keep getting a 1717 error every time I login.

This is most likely due to a virus infecting your PC. Please follow these steps below:-

  • Delete all Robocraft Data from your computer,
  • Run a virus and a rootkit scan.
  • Reinstall Robocraft.

If you still can't login, submit a request letting us know that you have done the above.


Photon web-service errors

First check you are using the most up to date version of the Robocraft launcher. Otherwise, please contact Technical Support send your output log to us.


Payment Issues

I have purchased Premium/Crates and it is not showing in the game....HELP!

Do not worry, please exit Robocraft and log back in for the purchase to be applied and show on your account. 


When trying to purchase Premium or Crates, I get stuck on “CONNECTING TO SERVER…”

Purchasing requires the Steam overlay to be enabled.

Please open Steam, go into Settings, click on the In-Game tab and make sure the box titled “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” is ticked.