Robocraft (PC) - Game FAQ

I’ve just installed the game, what do I now?
When you play Robocraft, you have the choice of building a Robot, modifying an existing Robot in your garage (you get five for starters), battle against other Robots in a variety of different game modes, or view community-created Robots in the Factory.

For a handy video tutorial on the main screen options, click here.

What is CPU?
All robots in Robocraft rely on CPU (Computational Processing Unit) and every cube which is added to a robot has a cost. Once the CPU limit is reached, players can no longer add new cubes to their robot.

What is the Robot CPU limit?
Regular game modes have a 2,000 CPU limit.  Building a Robot above 2,000 CPU will class it as a Megabot and these can only be used in Custom Games. Megabots have a 10,000 CPU limit.

What are Robits?
Robits, are ‘Bits of Robots’ (hence the name) that are obtained by participating in battles or selling your Robots on the Factory.

How do I get more experience points?
Players earn more experience in-game by taking part in both single and multiplayer matches. Having premium (purchasable via the in-game store) will also give you a 2x XP boost. Players will also earn XP when building Robots.

What is the highest Player Level?
The highest Player Level you can reach is 10,000.

I have a great idea for a robot but I don’t have the right parts
All parts in Robocraft are infinite and so once you've unlocked a part on the Tech Tree, you will have an unlimited quantity to build with. If there is a part you want but it is locked on the Tech Tree, you'll need to level up to earn more Tech Points.

How do I earn Tech Points?
When you level up, you will earn one Tech Point per level until you have unlocked all the parts on the Tech Tree.

How do I get more robot parts?
By unlocking them on the Tech Tree or by purchasing Cosmetic Parts in the Item Shop.

Are all parts infinite?
Yes, once you've unlocked a part or purchased it via the Item Shop, you'll have an infinite quantity of that part.

What does premium membership offer?
Being a premium member bestows the following benefits:

  • Double experience points (XP) which allows players to level up twice as fast in-game.
  • Gain access to the full palette of 32 colours instead of the standard  10; this will allow you to customise your robots even more.
  • Upload your own personal profile picture
  • Additional Cosmetic CPU that allows you to put more cosmetic items on your Robot without them using Robot CPU

Premium subscription can be purchased in 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 30 day, 90 day and Lifetime increments. We are always looking at ways of adding more great value to Premium without making it pay-to-win.

What are the rewards for playing games?
Players are rewarded with Robits and XP at the end of each battle – the amount rewarded is related to your end-of-battle score.

How do I fight against other players?
To play against other players you need to play one of the multiplayer game modes: Team Deathmatch, Battle Arena, BRAWL, or Custom Game.

How is a game score worked out in matches?
Player kills, assists and objective captures all influence a player’s score in matches, and these are reflected on the in-game leaderboard.

We have plans to make Robocraft’s scoring system more transparent in future updates as part of a drive to make the game more welcoming to new players while at the same time not sacrificing any tactical complexity..

How can I play battle games with my friends?
If you’ve a bunch of like-minded battle-hungry friends, you can create a party of up to five members and engage in some multiplayer Robot fisticuffs in the online PvP battle modes.

How do I create a Party?
There are a couple of different ways to add players to a party:

  • Click on the individual + icons in the top left of the main game screen and enter a friend’s username
  • Click on your friends list and then right-click on the friend you want to add to your party and select ‘add to party’ (please note, they must be online to add them to a party).

How often is Robocraft updated with new content, game modes, etc.?
Robocraft tends to release updates at a frequency of once a month, but this cadence can go up and down. It's worth signing up to the Robocraft newsletter and following our social channels (Twitter and Facebook) to be notified of when new content is released.

Where can I manage my email/newsletter subscriptions?
You can manage your email subscriptions by logging in to your account on the website.

Can I publish YouTube videos of Robocraft, and can I monetize from them?
Yes, it’s great if you publish videos of Robocraft on YouTube, and it’s fine to monetize from them.

How do I get into the Red Team?
You are always in the blue team, the enemies are colored red on your PC and on their PC you are red.

How does the matchmaking work?
Players are matched together by Robot Tier.

Ahhhh I can’t upload my robot to the Community Robot Factory!
You need to ensure that the robot has both a title and a description.

My robot has flipped in the arena, help!!
Stuck? Press F on the keyboard while in a battle to get yourself the right way up.

How can I save time when building robots?
A great time saver when building a symmetrical robot is using the mirror mode. Simply press M on the keyboard when in ‘Edit’ mode. Or use the BodyBuilder tool to use some pre-made chassis shapes.

How do I move my robot around the garage floor?
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing the < and > keys will move your robot up and down vertically.

Can I create a duplicate of one of my existing robots?
Yes! Simply select the Robot you want to duplicate and press the ‘copy’ button

How do I sell things?
You cannot sell robot parts, but you can sell your Robots. If you have built a cool robot, you can upload it to the ‘Factory’ where other players can download it. You will then earn 1,500 Robits every time a player uses your Robot in a battle. Robits are only awarded on the first 10 complete battles played per Robot download

How do I recycle parts for Robits?
As all parts are infinite, it is no longer possible to recycle parts for Robits.

What do the Helium Cubes do?
Each Helium Cube applies a constant force upwards. This force is reduced with vertical velocity, so it rises slowly (like a balloon). Helium Cubes also have high ‘drag’, so adding them to your Robot will stabilize it in flight, but will also slow it down

I can not log into the game and I have verified my account, what do I do?
Please visit the troubleshooting page for specific issues like the above:

How can I get more Robits?
You can obtain more Robits in a number of different ways:

  • By doing well in battles – Robit rewards are based on your performance in battle
  • By having others play your Robots that you have uploaded to the Factory
  • By being part of a Clan and participating in battles – XP is converted into Robits and paid at the beginning of each month (for the previous month’s XP earned)
  • By completing Daily Quests

What can I spend my Robits on?
If you're sitting on a pile of Robits, you can spend them on some cool stuff that's available in the Item Shop.

Is Robocraft Pay to Win? Can I pay to win my games?
No, Robocraft is not ‘Pay 2 Win’. All robot parts can be obtained for free in Robocraft. To win in Robocraft, you need skills in both robot building and battling.

A premium membership will give you double XP which allows you to progress through the levels faster. But this will not give you an advantage over other players. Again, winning games requires skill in both robot building and battling.

What is Campaign Mode?
Campaign Mode is an exciting single-player game mode where you take-on waves of Robots before taking on a final ‘Boss’ Robot. There are a number of different campaigns to play and more are planned for the future.

What is the Item Shop?
The Item Shop is where you'll find virtual items that you can purchase with Robits or Cosmetic Credits. In the shop you will find cosmetic skins that can be applied to Robot parts, masks, flags, mothership bay skins and more.  

I saw a part in the Item Shop yesterday, but it isn't there today! Why?
The Items Shop has Featured items that are available for five days before being rotated, and daily parts that change every 24 hours. If a part was there, but it is no longer, then it will have been rotated for a different part. The part you're after will enter rotation again in the future. Check back every day to see new deals!

What are Cosmetic Credits?
Cosmetic Credits are used to purchase special cosmetic items in the Item Shop.

How can I get Cosmetic Credits?
Cosmetic Credits bundles are purchased in-game via the Store button on the top-nav bar.

What is the Ops Room?
The Ops Room is where you'll find the Tech Tree, Daily Quests and the Tier Rank Progression screen.

What is the Tech Tree?
The Tech Tree is where you will find all unlocked and locked parts on your Robocraft account. You unlock parts by spending Tech Points which are earned by levelling up in the game.

What are Daily Quests?
Daily Quests are special challenges that are completed to earn Robit and XP rewards. Players can have 3 active quests at one time.

What are Tiers?
Robocraft has five standard Tiers used for matchmaking and an additional one for Megabots. A Robot's Tier placement is solely dependent on the parts used to construct the Robot; this is known as the "Robot Ranking". Any Robots built above 2,000 CPU are automatically placed in the Megabot Tier, regardless of the robots Robot Ranking.

What is Robot Ranking?
Every part in the game including cubes, weapons, modules and cosmetics has a Robot Ranking stat; you'll be able to see a part's ranking stat by hovering over it in your inventory. When constructing/editing a Robot, you'll see both the Robot's current Tier as well as a running Robot Ranking total. Adding more parts or changing parts for ones with a higher ranking stat will increase the ranking stat. Removing parts or changing them for parts with a lower ranking stat will decrease your Robot's ranking. Once a Robot ranking moves above or below a threshold, the Robot will change up/down a Tier. This system allows you to fine-tune your Robot to fit a desired Tier.

What are Tier Ranks?
In each Tier you progress through the 6 Tier Ranks from Bronze through to Protonium by winning more games of TDM or Battle Arena (excluding custom games, BRAWLs or single-player games) than you lose.

Can I create my own games?
Yes, by selecting Custom Games on the Play menu, you can make you own battle scenarios for you and your friends to enjoy.